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“I absolutely love the flawless effortless rhythm of the text. It's simply beautiful easy reading that kids of all ages can relate to and dream about. Even without pictures we were able to perfectly conjure up the rain forest, the animals, the children, the "forest keeper." Wonderful! The visions, and that's the right word, of the book just keep going through my head.”

•  --S.T., teacher, writer and editor of best-selling non-fiction

My toughest critic, Jonah (age 8 1/2), sat enthralled and listened to every word (instead of asking as he does with me, "how long IS this thing???")

“I read the story to hyper Sally - she wanted to know if it was (again) the
rainforest story and curled right up to listen intently to the whole thing,
asking a few questions about the critters, laughing A LOT - this a miracle
from a kid who can't watch a film or TV for more than 5 minutes.

I had to promise to read it again tonight at story time. A great success.”

•  --a grandmother


•  --Jonah, age 8 1/2, Harry Potter reader

"Wow! This is neat!"

• --Ted Webster, parent and grandparent

"This story is stupendous ---fun --joyful --full of motion, energy and expansion!"

• --Kippy Phelps, expressive arts teacher

"An amazing story in rhyme that sparkles with COLOR and FUN.....BIG APPLAUSE!"

• --Emily Myerow, artist

"The story about the Children's Eternal Rainforest is very inspiring."

• --
Jennifer Reinfeld, Executive Director, 
Children of the Earth United (Maryland, USA)

"The guys at (the Dream The Forest Wild) website will upload your illustrations to their website for everyone to see. Sounds like a good idea to us!"

-- Children's Tropical Forests UK

"Dream The Forest Wild stands alone as a delightful literary achievement, popular with children, teachers and parents alike. And it is also an interactive book that (invites) children to be creative...and to be socially active...on behalf of rainforest preservation."

--Maureen Moore, Equinox literary journal publisher and editor

"We really like the story. Thank you for this opportunity. It is very cool to see their pictures there. Thank you again."

--Danelle, a mom in Seattle, Washington, USA

"The students were thrilled to see their artwork displayed...One of them even proclaimed "Now we are famous". Thank you again for writing this wonderful book and giving us the opportunity to illustrate it".

--Laurie Pike, teacher, Rowe Elementary School, Massachusetts, USA

"My students had a blast"

--a teacher in New Jersey, USA


photo by Gary Wexler


by Sue Memhard with Jim Crisp