Who We Are

Co-author and BEN founding Director Jim Crisp is a biologist, ecologist and consultant with a lifetime of sustainability work in the tropics and the US. While he was Director of the Monteverde Conservation League from 1988-1991, the organization grew from a staff of 1 forest guard to 43 employees, and nearly 3 million dollars was raised by children and other helpers around the world, creating the first International Children's Rainforest. In honor of children -- everywhere and forever -- Jim named the forest El Bosque Eterno de los Niņos (BEN):

The Children's Eternal Rainforest.

Author Sue Memhard is a writer of children's stories, poet, visual artist, holistic counselor and non-profit founder/director. She is also the mother of a grown daughter, and is married to co-author Jim Crisp. They recently moved from Massachusetts to Colorado, USA, where they enjoy the more temperate climate and beautiful Rocky Mountains.


Both of these photos were taken in Massachusetts, USA -- not in the rainforest, as you can see by the non-tropical trees.



by Sue Memhard with Jim Crisp